I am a creative technologist and digital artist working at the intersection between art, documentary and social innovation. My work has won awards for interactive documentary and social innovation, and I am regularly invited to speak and give workshops at universitites and film festivals aroud the world.

I am currently working on upgrading this website, but in the meantime you can download my CV. You can also check out the work below for an idea of what I do.

Quipu Project

Quipu Project is a multi award-winning interactive documentary which tells the story of forced sterilisation in Peru, a human rights abuse which affected over 300,000 women and 72,000 men between 1995-2000.

By combining a 'high-tech' web-interface with a 'low-fi' free phone number we aimed to surpass barriers of geography, technical access and literacy, in order to collect an audio archive of these experiences.

The project has been shown at film festivals around the world and won awards for social innovation and interactive documentary, as well as the subject of a short Guardian documentary.

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Love and Seawater

Love and Seawater is the Virtual Reality component of Barrel Stories - an ongoing oral history project recording stories of economic migration and parental separation.

Based on first hand testimony from Caribbean migrants who were separated from the parents or children during migration, this VR piece invites the audience to step into the mind of migrant parents, and the children thy leave behind.

Made in collaboration with Lisa Harewood, Love and Seawater won a commission to produce proof of concept from the Virtual Reality Documentary Encounters Research Project and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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Made in collaboration with academics at the Department of Urban Planning at UCL, this web documentary presents the findings from a collaborative research project into 'slum upgrading.'

As people are displaced through violence and climate change, the number of people living in 'slums' or informal settlements is only set to grow. This project sets out to research how people living in these environments are engaged in official discourses.

This documentary interface was designed to showcase the diverse set of materials that was co-created during this highly collaborative research project. Set in Medellin, Colombia, the project invites you to join a 'convite' or local meeting to start improving the city.

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Anyone's Child: Mexico

Anyone's Child: Mexico is part of an ongoing campaign at Transform Drug Policy Foundation to advocate for safer drug policy. This interactive documentary focuses on Mexico and explores the effects of the ongoing drugs war.

Over the last decade 100,000 people have been killed and 50,000 disappeared as a result of Mexico's drugs war, despite no impact on drug production.

This story is told through the eyes of 6 protagonists across four interactive chapters created from crowdsourced material. As the project launches later this year the archive will fill with voices.

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